• The Model 776-E embosser is a cast iron embosser that imprints a raised seal (dry seal) into your document as well as printing a combination of a signature, title, date and additional text of your choice.
  • The E-3 is an efficient, immediate and precise embosser, perfect for single sheet certificates, diplomas and legal documents.
  • Model 776TV

    The Model 776TV prints a seal, date, signature and title. The Widmer Model 776TV Ink Seal creates a printed seal into a document and prints a combination of signature, title, date and additional text—all in one easy step and can be tri-colored ink.
  • The Model T2E Electric Embosser makes a raised impression by dry stamping all kinds of documents. For precise positioning of the print, the machine is equipped with a stop with adjustable brackets.  You can stamp 1-10 sheets at a time.