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Your Booth Reflects Your Brand!

Your trade show booth is a visual image of your brand.  Your goal is to promote and reinforce your brand to new and existing customers. How well you plan your booth is translated into your message.  How do you plan your booth and how do you set a budget?

A few basics to remember when planning the structure and graphics for your booth:  You have approximately 2 seconds to grab someone’s attention.  If you can successfully grab someone’s attention, you have roughly 2-3 seconds to deliver your message.  If your message is translated positively, you will engage the audience in your brand.  If your message is translated negatively, you will lose a valuable opportunity.

A common mistake is for the booth to look too “busy” with too much information or to make it look too bland.  Working with a professional along with a good graphic designer can help you create the perfect balance to capture your prospects’ attention and then to deliver a positive message that makes them want to learn more about your brand.  And it can save you from costly mistakes!

How much should you budget for your booth?  Some businesses do not have a large budget for a booth, while some have massive budgets for a booth.  If your business is new to trade shows, it is hard to know how much a booth even costs. To help you set your budget, ask yourself the following questions:

Do I need to just get by? To just get by, plan on budgeting up to $2000.

Do I need to look really good?  For $2000 to $5000, your booth can look really good.

Do I need to knock their socks off?  For $5000 and up, your booth can knock their socks off.

One last question to ask is “how much revenue do I want to generate”?  If you want to generate $500,000 per year, decide what amount you are willing to invest to reach that goal.  If you want to generate $1,000,000 per year, you will likely be willing to invest a little more to reach that goal.

The key to your success is finding a reliable partner to help guide you through the entire process, from booth selection based on your goals to graphic design to expanding on your booth in the future.  We look forward to helping you meet your needs and helping you reach your goals at Walker Companies!