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Just Press and Print!It’s just that easy with our Max Light Pre-Inked System. You don’t need a separate stamp pad because the ink is in the stamp die itself. After thousands of impressions you just reink the stamp die using our Max Light ink.

Re-inking your pre-inked stamp

• Remove the handle and place the required amount of ink n the back of the stamp. Sizes do vary, so the amount of ink is determined by size/model number. Let the stamp sit overnight. If the impression is still too light, repeat.
• Always re-ink with the same color and type of ink as the original stamp.
• Leave stamp in upright position after inking.
Proper care for your pre-inked stamp
• Replace dust cover after use.
• To remove dust and dirt build-up on impression surface, place scotch tape on face of stamp and remove. Repeat if necessary.
• Do not expose stamp to extreme heat or cold.

*Caution using other brands of ink may destroy the stamp.