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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

  • You are a notary in and for the entire state of Oklahoma and may use your seal in any county in Oklahoma.
  • Your seal, or rubber stamp must state your name exactly as it appears on your commission. It may also contain your commission number and expiration date, both now required to be on every document you notarize.
  • Your bond filed with the Secretary of State.
  • You should never notarize any signature that is not signed in your presence.
  • You may notarize any signature except your own.
  • You are only notarizing a signature, not a document.
  • Your signature, seal or stamp impression, commission number and commission expiration date must appear on every document you notarize.
  • State law does not require that a notary keep a record of all official acts, but it is strongly recommended.
  • The maximum fee a notary may charge and collect for each notarial act is five dollars ($5.00).
  • If you charge a notary fee, it is taxable income and you should keep a record of that income.
  • Your term of office is four years and you must renew your commission, bond and filing every four years.
  • When you renew your commission, if you live in the same county and your name is the same, you do not have to change your seal.

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