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Being “Customer Centric” means focusing on providing the customer with a great experience before, during and after the sale.  Existing to meet the needs of our Customers has been a major core value promoted at Walker Companies long before “customer centric” became a popular buzzword.  We have a long history spanning back to 1951, when the Walkers opened the doors for business, of embracing these core values and we continue to work hard to maintain this culture today.

What are some of our core values?  The most important core value we have is that we strive to not just say what the core values are but to “do” what they are.  Every order, every day.

We believe that our Customer is the most important person here.

We believe that our Customer is not dependent on us- we are dependent on the Customer.

We believe that our Customer is not an interruption of our work day – the Customer is the purpose of it.

We believe that a Customer is a person who trusts us to meet their needs – it is our job to fill those needs.

We believe that expertise is the root of our innovation.

We believe that we build trust by being honest and accurate; we do not believe in selling our Customers what they do not need.

We believe that the Customer is deserving of the most courteous and attentive treatment we can give.

We believe that Customer Service is not a department, it is a relationship.

While sales totals reflect how many Customer orders we have filled,  more important to us is measuring how well we implement our core values and how well we do at going above and beyond our Customers’ expectations.